wherr the weed at 


I ain’t lovin these fake hoes, room smellin like 8 Swishers—CG (candler road)



I don’t even remember where I found this gif, but it’s fucking hilarious




i am 0% the person i was three years ago and i would probably get in a fight with 2011 me

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are u big spoon or little?

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Anonymous said: Hey (: beautiful I just wanted to wish u a happy day for tomorrow (:

Thank you!

im drunk and I think im pretty

my butt is good stuff

now that school has started and swim team has started and I have a job I never go on tumblr anymore

Anonymous said: I fucking love how Grefe has the nerve to call you out in class for having a short skirt infront of everyone and making a huge deal about it, But did you hear her tell Leslie? She told her on the side when everyone was moving. So she lets the whole world know yours is too short, and then whispers about Leslie's. Fucked up -B

I know right!!!! I almost switched classes on my way back from the office I was so peeved, I didn’t even want to be in choir this year. I’m so done with her shit. I just love the people and I love fall show and that’s the only reasons why I stayed. Also, I believe the proper punishment would be to give me a minor infraction, not make me call home.

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